Common scams (practical examples)

This module will cover scams of various kind and fraudulent behaviour in general that could affect you in your daily life. It will give you a set of examples of scams schemes and explain to you the mechanisms that make you vulnerable to fraudsters.

Legal concepts

Up to now, you have learnt about the economic and financial concepts needed to understand how to manage your own money, but also to navigate the greater economic world surrounding us. In this chapter, you will learn about the legal concepts you need to know in your daily life - especially your working life.

Financial concepts

In this module of the FAIRLY course, we will deal with some basic concepts to gain a better understanding of financial instruments and of the venues they are traded on.

Household income

In this module, you will learn practical ways of keeping track of your private spending and how this will help you to plan your saving for future projects.

Basic economic definitions

This module will provide you with the basic tools to understand the contents of the course. You may find some concepts rather easy, in which case you are welcome to read our in-depth boxes or skip over to the next module.

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Practical Guide for Informed and Safe Financial Choices

Valuable information on how to make daily-lives financial choices, focusing on how to avoid the most common illegal practices in the field of finance and everyday economy.

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